Frequently asked questions

  1. How do I make orders from ?

    Ordering from us is simple and easy!

    Please choose the items from the on-line shop, submit your contact information, the delivery address and your order will be processed from the web shop. In addition you can send an email with the items you want, your company name, complete shipping address, phone number and your business registration data. In any way, after receiving the order, we will contact you back by email with order confirmation. The order confirmation will include the Acknowledgement of the Order showing the total cost including the transport and handling fees.

    When you have received the Acknowledgement of the Order, you need to arrange for payment. We‘ll ship your order as soon as we receive your payment.

  2. How can I pay for my order?
    • You can pay by Bank Transfer. This means you pay from your bank to our bank account. (See details)
    • You can pay by PayPAL.
    • You can pay by Cheque.
    • You can pay by your Credit Card Online.
  3. What is the minimum order amount?

    There is minimum 50.00GBP ( or around 56EUR) order amount.

  4. Do you ship the goods directly, to which countries?

    Yes, we ship directly from our warehouse in UK (Charlwood, Surrey, RH6 0DR) to anywhere in UK or Ireland (all customers from other countries, please visit our international website – ). We will offer best shipping method for your order volume and destination. If you like you can order your own shiping comapny for picking up the goods from our warehouse.

  5. How do I get your best pricing for my order?

    You can see the pricing on-line on our web site. All prices/discounts are adjusted automatically by adding products to your shopping basket. If you need pricing for some items not listed on our web site, please contact us for further quote.



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