TELTONIKA Light vehicle CAN adapter (LV-CAN200)

Order code: LV-CAN200
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CAN data reading from trucks | CAN data reading from light vehicles | CAN data reading from buses and coaches | Easily get basic parameters such as mileage, fuel level, etc.

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Supported vehicles

LV-CAN200 is designed to acquire data from light vehicles, trucks and buses.

Benefits of LV-CAN200

Access to CAN Bus data enables fleet operators to report on a wide range of information. You can effectively identify areas of improvement within their vehicle operation to drive down overheads and minimize environmental impact.


Supported by FMB1YX, FMU1YX, FMC1YX, FMM1YX, FM36YX, FM6300, FMB640, FMM640, FMC640
Input voltage range 9 - 63 V DC
Power consumption At 12 V < 0.4 mA (Standby)
At 12V < 10.6 mA (Working)
Operating temperature range -40 °C to +85 °C
Operating humidity Max 85 % non-condensing
LED indication 1 status LED light
Supported vehicle features* Total fuel consumption
Fuel level (Dashboard)
Vehicle mileage
Door status
Engine speed (RPM)
Engine temperature
Vehicle speed
Accelerator pedal position
CNG level
Total CNG consumption
Engine is working on CNG

*Number of parameters depends on vehicle model, year and equipment.
Dimensions 41 x 33 x 14.5 mm
Weight 55 g