RF elements NanoBracket® for Ubiquiti locoM (NB-LOCO-M)

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NanoBracket® for locoM – mounting system designed for the NanoStationTM loco M series from Ubiquiti Networks. The bracket has a 70° tilt range.

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Improve The Link Performance

NanoBracket® for locoM offers a 3-axis positioning system based on the 4th generation of our patent-pending ball hinge. NanoBracket® for locoM enables precise and easy adjustment of the CPE in azimuth, elevation and rotation to eliminate a potential missmatch loss and to achieve the best RF performance of the MiMo link.

Easy Installation

The mounting system consists of two parts to make the installation as quick and easy as possible. First, install the bracket on a wall or pole, then attach the NanoStationTM. Adjust the alignment and tighten the main nut. Done!

locoM easy installation v2

Designed For NanoStationTM loco M

NanoBracket® for loco M is a mounting system designed for the NanoStationTM loco M series from Ubiquiti Networks. The bracket has a 70° tilt range.

Designed for NanoStation loco M


Product ID: NB-LOCO-M

Compatible Wireless Platforms: Ubiquiti Networks™ NanoStation® locoM2 and NanoStation® locoM5

Materials: Bracket, Holder - UV stabilized and weather resistant ABS plastic Hardware - Stainless Steel, Hardware - Stainless Steel 
Flame Rating: UL 94 HB 
Pole Mounting Diameter: 60-60 mm 
Wall Mounting: Yes 
Operating Temperature: -30 to + 60 °C (-22°F to +140°F) 
Wind Survival: 120 Km/h

0.22 Kg / 0.48 lbs – single unit incl. package
12.2 Kg / 26.8 lbs – carton (50 units)

Single Unit:
Retail Box - 8.2 × 7.2 × 17.8 cm

50 units:
Carton Box - 44 × 39 × 39 cm


NB Body
Hose Clamp
Screw 3,5 x 45 mm (2 pcs)
Wall Plug (2 pcs)
Screw 3,5 x 19 mm